What to do if your man is not giving you attention?

Being in a relationship can be difficult. It can often feel like you’re competing with the rest of the world for each other’s time. A healthy relationship is about companionship and communication. It could be that your boyfriend doesn’t think there is a problem, but he could be pulling away due to stress in his life. Whatever be the case, it may be time to take control of your relationship and get things back to normal.


Wondering why your guy is not paying more attention to you? Why is he suddenly disinterested in sex? Why has the intimacy taken a back seat in your relationship? Maybe you need to spice things up a little. Here are 6 things men DON’T like in bed…

1. Dearth of Lubrication

Less is more? Not in this case for sure. Your va jay jay naturally lubricates itself when you’re aroused. But if not, make sure to use a handful amount of lube and enjoy the smoothness without interrupting your steamy sessions.

2. Try to be the Woman of your Man!

Ditch your every day granny panties and dive into something sexier! Men like what they see. Try outfits that make you feel good. Show them the best of you, inside and out.

3. The lazy /Dead Cat Act

How would you feel if you’re the one doing all the hard work (‘hard’ being the operative word) and your partner does nothing? Horrible right! That’s exactly how men feel when you’re acting like a Persian cat in bed. Ditch that mode and unleash the tigress inside!

4. The Mute Game

In general, men fall in love through sex and women fall in sex through love. Appreciation in every relationship is very important. That’s how men feel when there’s no sound from you in the bedroom. They like to know that if you are amused by their efforts. So, moan and shout and scream to show your appreciation.

5. The Groundhog

Yes, missionary is damn pleasing and relaxing to girls. But men don’t like the same repetitive positions all the time! It’s time you sober up your act and be open to try different positions!

6. The Selfish B**ch Attitude

It’s not always about accepting but also about giving it back! Men don’t just want to be the givers but also the takers. Be sure to “return the favour” for a healthier and happier relationship!

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