How to Start a Conversation by sending a Witty Opening Text?

Conversation Starter

 This is worth a read if you’ve started a chat with a match, or planning to exchange a few pleasant texts with a new match, and now you’re dreading the next phase of dating (the flirting textual interchange) – Ab Kya Baat Kare Yaar!.

It’s not easy to achieve the right mix between casual, flirty, and interested vs. dull, obnoxious, and desperate in flirting texts. Here are five different ways to start a sexy text chat that doesn’t start with “How are you” or “what’s up,” ranging from lighthearted to sentimental to serious.

Conversation Starter

Dating is

all about


Don’t impress, express!

Sometimes you just need your superiorities to kick off an interesting conversation. Being able to keep up with each other’s achievements means that you share a similar sense of humour, and the memes you choose to share will tell you a lot about each other’s interests.

Spice up your conversations using Emojis

Use emoticons liberally to spice up your talks! Emojis offer subtle indicators to help you land the correct tone with your communications when you are stuck and thinking of what to say next. It’s also simple to make your texts appear flirtier without sounding cheesy.

Share your happiness

“I just got the best news and you’re the first person I wanted to tell“. Translation: You’re important to me, and I want to tell you about everything important in my life!

Cut to the chase and ask them out!

Nothing is flirtier than actually asking them out on a nice date, and making plans to continue seeing each other.

Conversation Starter

Let them know how you feel

“Being with you feels like home“ Don’t be afraid to really let them know how you feel. It’s always nice to know that someone likes you enough to straight up say it, with a little romance sprinkled in for flair of course.