Why talking about finances is important while Dating?

D8Indian Financial Independence

In our South Asian community, we have a lot of cultural and gendered baggage around discussing about our financial life and desires, If you’re a woman, the breadwinner is traditionally assumed to be the man of the house, while the ladies are expected to be “cared for.” Understanding your wants and desires help you find your better match. discussing it with your friends, closed ones and potential partner helps you reveal yourself better as an individual and can indicate that you reject those stereotypes believes and place a high value on your (and your potential partner’s) financial independence.

Relationship. No relationship is perfect, it’s built over time. It’s a muscle and it needs to be worked out constantly. If someone seems to have a mind-blowing relationship, it’s because they’ve been working on developing it for a LONG time. And let’s not even talk about how hard it is to maintain. It’s a tough world out there and it beats your confidence relentlessly.

You don’t need to know about your partner’s finances and financial goals by the time you go on your first date with them, but it important to express your financial vision along the road, especially when you can connecting well with your partner and wanting to continue your life ahead with them.

Early on your Dating Journey?

When you’re first dating, it’s natural to be hesitant to share your real self, despite the fact that discussing day-to-day finances can help your relationship develop stronger. On the first date, always offer to share the bill! Even if your request is turned down, you’re letting the other person know that you’re not just scrounging off them, which is quite standard these days. And keep in mind that it just gets better from here! It’s less likely to become awkward later if you can regard money as a natural part of the conversation from the start. You can also include apps like Splitwise as part of your financial relationship.

While in a committed relationship...

You have a greater grasp of your partner’s vision and thought process now that you are in a committed relationship, whether queer, straight, polyamorous, or monoamorous. It is critical to discuss your financial goals and desires at this point of your dating relationship in order to have a happy connection. By having this financial discussion, you can ensure that your financial goals as a couple are in harmony. Consider all of the trips you’d like to go together or things you’d like to buy together – it’ll cost you money! The sooner you figure out where you stand financially, the easier it will be to make decisions together about what you want to do with your lives and how to get there by accumulating the necessary funds, as money is really a means to an end. Finally, how you spend your money as a pair has an impact on your experiences as a couple.

If you’re a romantic at heart and believe that finding a life partner isn’t something you think about or plan for, but rather something that happens to you, if you believe in “love at first sight” and “happily ever after,” you’ll completely grasp the concept of financial goals for you and your partner.

So let’s start talking about money, people! You don’t have anything to lose.  Start Connecting!