Interest In:
  • What To Experience Kildare Village: No, I am here for mingling
  • Seeking: Dating
  • Ethnicity: Hindu
  • Love Language: Quality Time
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Fitness Freak: Daily Gym
  • Smoker: 420 Friendly
  • Drink: Social
  • Employment: Full Time
  • Mental Attraction: Physical Attraction
  • Community: Bengali
  • Career: Computer Engineer
  • Raised in: India
  • Dietary Preferences: No Preference
  • Select Your Personality Traits: Courageous, Competitive, Intellectual, Insightful, Forgiving, Chivalrous, Witty, Respectful, Mindful, Ambitious, Patient, Empathetic, Funny, Carefree
  • About Me: A Datascientist by profession who loves to lift heavy ass weights.420 friendly, with a knack for cracking witty jokes.Looking forward to meet new people and make great friends.
  • My Interests: Gym Board games Cooking

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